Garmaine Staff asked 3 years ago

I'm looking for a good technique to add an outlet to a wall that currently has no electrical. My initial thought until my discovery was to:

1) Identify the stud I want to anchor the outlet to

2) drill up through the ceiling next to the wall and next to where the stud is

3) create a Wire entry through the top plate by drilling back down through the attic (having identified where along the wall I would like to create that hole

4) Feed the wire down

5) Cut a hole in the drywall and install

The plywood top layer is complicating this technique because 1) now I don't necessarily know where the top plate is (though I have a decent guess — probably where the plywood sheets meet) and 2) I don't quite know if drilling up through the ceiling will work now that I have to run fish tape through two holes 3.5" apart, and separated by insulation.