Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago
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This is driving me crazy.

I'm trying to do a get an array that is the difference between two arrays containing json objects.

I can do this easily with arrays of primitive values, by using sets. I mainly come from a Java background not JavaScript and this seems annoyingly difficult.

const available = [{time:1, chargable: true}, {time:2, chargable: false}, {time:3, chargable: true},{time:4, chargable: true}];
const booked = [{time:2, chargable: false}, {time:3, chargable: false}, {time:4, chargable: false}];

const remainingAvailable = findRemainingAvailable(available, booked)

I want remainingAvailable to contain: [{time:1, chargable: true}]

How do I do that (ideally using funky functions like filter etc)?