Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

I am helping my brother with his unfinished basement when I realized he made a mistake. I told him to use a fire stopping sealant in certain stud holes where Romex wire was being fed through.

Unfortunately he used the wrong sealant, he used saint-gobain's acoustic soundproof sealant (i.e: Green-Glu).

My primary concern was "Would there be a negative reaction from the soundproof sealant coming into contact with the Romex sheathing" (i.e: Would it damage the sheathing or is there any serious risk)

I reached out to Saint-Gobain for more information and couldnt get a straight answer (which is understandable)

Saint Gobain – "We do not have any information on using with wires and I don’t expect our sealant will provide an acoustical function in contact with the wires, and it could be a safety issue if a fire develops in one cavity as this is not a fire blocking material."

I plan on trying to remove some of the sealant and replace with a fire stopping sealant but there are areas I simply don't have access to. To anyone's knowledge is there any serious risks here? Should I be concerned with the Romex Sheathing having any negative reactions to the sealant?

Its worth nothing: – The only "official" reported negative reaction I could find is when it comes into contact with copper. They also state it can be used around plastic junction boxes.