Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

While I was searching for duplex receptacles where one was NEMA 5 (120V) and the other was NEMA 6 (240V), I found a few normal ones that were what I was looking for (Leviton 5031, 5842, 5844, Hubbell HBL5492I), as well as this horrifying abomination:

Dangerous-looking receptacle

I see two immediate problems with it:

  1. It will accept both NEMA 5 and NEMA 6 plugs in the same receptacle, but a single receptacle can't operate on both of the required voltages.
  2. The vertical slots are the same height, though I'm not sure whether they're both big or both small. If they're both small, then polarized plugs won't work at all in this. If they're both big, then it's even worse: polarized plugs could be plugged in the wrong way (although given point 1, depending how this is wired, there may not even be a "right" way).

Is there any possible way or place in which using this would be safe or legal? This seems even worse than the usual Chinese "junkstream" products, because those usually at least look okay in the picture.