Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

we were intending to travel to Norway ( more days) and Finland (2days) from 18.03.2020 till 1.04.2020. Now due to the quarantine mandate issued by the Norway government to all foreign nationals entering Norway it's difficult to complete the norway part of our tour. we had a Finnair Flight via Helsinki to Norway and we were leaving from Helsinki after 2 days stay there. Under this unusual situation is it possible that we do the entire tour in Finland without visiting Norway at all. Schengen visa has been issued by Norway. this is an unusual situation as we will be compelled to be in quarantine irrespective of the health status in Norway. so there is no use in visiting the country. But we also do not want to cancel our plan. so checking out and need advice whether we can do the entire tour in Finland though originally Finland constituted a lesser part of our tour.