Garmaine Staff asked 3 years ago

Everywhere I go (except on planes), I carry a Swiss Army Knife as a fob daily tool and a multitool in my backpack. Today I learned that apparently you're not allowed to bring pocket knives to Europa Park. This got me rather confused because not only would it be rather difficult to do harm anyone with a pocket knife (one that you're allowed to carry in Germany) but I also think that when I once was there as a child, you could actually buy Swiss Army Knifes in the park. Now this is a childhood memory and it's rather blurry, so I'm not sure.

I think my knives are completely standard and carried by many people but here are pictures so we're clear on what kind of pocket knives I'm talking about:

As I'll be arriving to Europa Park by public transport, I can't just go back to my car, put whatever they don't allow me to carry in there, and return to the entrance. Will they just tell me to come again without them? Will they take them? Will I be able to get them back?