Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

I'm living in France and encountered this 4 pole (3 phase) GFCI in my apartment:

The old GFCI

My understanding is that this thing protects against a difference, between the neutral (return) and the hot (phase), that is greater than 300mA. I hear that 300mA is too high to protect a human so I wanted to swap this out for the French norm which is 30mA. It looks like the brown wire entering into the 3rd top terminal is the phase wire coming into the house and the grey wires are just setting up two more parallel circuits. The blue wire, into the 4th top terminal is the neutral wire.

To minimize work I wanted to just swap everything in place so I bought this thing:

enter image description here

I hooked it up and everything works, but the TEST button does not have any effect! I'm assuming the new breaker is working and it is my understanding of the thing that is broken. Looking closer at the schematics, they are not identical. The old one seems to have the T connected to the N and L1 terminals, while the new one seems to have the T connected to the 3 and 6 terminals:

enter image description here

Could someone please help me understand the differences? Is the new breaker inappropriate for my setup?