Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

I am installing a light fixture in the kitchen. How do I wire it?

The light fixture has:

  • 2 light bulb sockets
  • 2 black wires (one coming out of each socket)
  • 2 white wires (one coming out of each socket)
  • A bare metal ground wire

My junction box in the roof has:

  • 2 black wires
  • 2 white wires
  • 1 red wire
  • 1 ground wire

enter image description here

I tried following wiring and it didn't work when I turned the switch on:

  • First black from fixture to first black from box
  • Second black from fixture to second black from box
  • First white from fixture to first white from box
  • Second white from fixture to second white from box
  • Ground from fixture to ground from box
  • Left red disconnected and covered it with cap.